Sanoma has become a shareholder of Tivit Plc. by acquiring 1,000 shares of the company. With this shareholding Sanoma became one of major owners, and is entitled to have a representative in Tivit's board. Tivit is the Finnish Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation. It is committed to ensuring even more rapid development of Finnish ICT know-how.

Sanoma has lead Tivit's Next Media research programme, started in 2010, from the beginning. Sanoma is strongly committed to the programme, as some 30% of the private sector volume comes from Sanoma and its divisions.

"Sanoma is excited to become one of the major shareholders in Tivit. It enhances our strong focus on innovation and emphasises our continuing commitment to the Next Media research programme. We are looking forward to working even more closely with leading research organisations in the field as well as with our industry network to bring leading products and services to our customers also in the future," says Sven Heistermann, Chief Strategy Officer of Sanoma.

Further information:
Project Manager Markus Illukka, Sanoma, tel. +358 40 183 5628,

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