Finnair and Oppi&ilo WSOYpro are entering into a partnership. As of the beginning of January 2011, children have been provided with informative and entertaining Oppi&ilo ("learn & enjoy") products on Finnair's flights. Within this partnership, Oppi&ilo will cater to the needs of Finnair's whole target group of children.

In addition to the products handed out during flights, Oppi&ilo products will also be sold at Finnair's airport shops, in the pre-order catalogue, and, later in spring, on the airplanes as well.

"From Oppi&ilo’s point of view, cooperation with a reliable and high-quality Finnish airline company is very desirable. We find that our brand values, such as high quality, fit in well with the values of Finnair. We have unique, customised Oppi&ilo products for Finnair's child passengers, combining the same values as our other products: fun entertainment, high quality, and effective learning. We believe that these products will bring children joy both during the flight and at their destination," says Tiina Ristola, director of the Oppi&ilo business operations.

Oppi&ilo WSOYpro is a versatile series of products for children from 0 to 12 years of age that effectively develops their knowledge and skills. The whole product series is based on active participation and entertainment, enabling learning regardless of time and place.

The product range contains various themes and includes games, books, exercise books, activity cards, and plenty of online activities at

For more information on the partnership, please contact Tiina Ristola, Director WSOYpro.

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