Research Malmberg shows: half of the teachers want to use more digital teaching materials this year

Last month, the new school year started in Holland. Malmberg’s research shows that teachers are excited to get started again (62%). They especially look forward to the teaching itself. Over 75% of the teachers look forward to seeing their fellow teachers again after the summer holidays and to meeting new students. One in three thinks about work (a lot) during the holidays and almost 50% of the teachers has already studied the teaching materials.

Supporting teaching materials
More than three quarters of the teachers are excited about the new school year. However, there are also teachers who start the new school year with fresh reluctance. They especially don’t like the tasks outside teaching. To be able to focus optimally on teaching, teachers need to have less administrative tasks, teaching materials that support them and their last wish is: less meetings.

"Teachers feel hindered in teaching by tasks such as administration. Malmberg keeps this in mind and tries to relieve the teachers as much as possible with the teaching materials, so that they can focus on teaching and achieving optimal learning outcomes, "says Ronald Philipsen, marketing manager Malmberg.

Digital plans
The plans for the new school year mainly concern the use of digital learning materials. Approximately half of the teachers want to use more digital teaching materials in their lessons. According to them, this fits better to the present-day student. The majority feels confident about the use of digital teaching materials, yet one in five lacks self-confidence. Teachers agree that digital learning materials are a good addition to the existing materials.

Experience comes with the years
Teachers above 50 have less trouble getting back in the rhythm of work than their younger colleagues. On the other hand, remembering new names becomes more difficult years with the years. There is a clear generation difference when asked about digital learning materials. Striking is the fact that each generation is positive on the use of digital teaching materials, but the elderly feel less confident (47% versus 73%).

For more information on Malmberg or this research, please contact Monique Claessens, Head Corporate Communications at Malmberg.

About the research
In July 2011 Malmberg researched teachers in secondary education on their summer holiday and the upcoming school year. Teachers were asked about their experiences around the start of the new school year, their needs and intentions and how they think about their work as a teacher during their holiday. The research was carried out among 5621 teachers in secondary education. In total, 430 teachers participated.  

About Malmberg
Malmberg is a well-known and leading educational publisher in the Netherlands. Malmberg publishes mixed media learning systems, educational tools and services for teachers for the Dutch market on primary, secondary and vocational schools. Malmberg is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.