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The first international study into the use of the iPad has been carried out by Sanoma. 3,673 users were surveyed in six European countries. Whilst there are many similarities, there are also striking differences. The Russians in particular are heavy users of the iPad, some households even own four devices. In Finland the iPad is more often used on the move.

In all countries surveyed - the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium and Germany - the owner of the iPad is by no means its only user. More than half (67%) of the iPads are actively used by other persons. This is usually the partner and, in over a third of cases, the children. The iPad is most commonly used in the home. The second most common situation is whilst on holiday or travelling. Over half of the respondents do this 'often' and more than a third 'sometimes'.

The primary computer at home
Increased use of the iPad has had an effect on how other devices are being used, such as laptops, desktop computers and mobile phones. The iPad is now the primary computer at home. 73 percent of those interviewed said they use their laptop or desktop computer less. 38 percent use their mobile phone less. For the time being, the laptop or desktop computer dominates in the workplace. However, in Russia and Hungary, the iPad is used as a main computer at work twice as much as in other countries.

See infographic of user profile Sanoma iPad study.

On the sofa or at the breakfast table
The iPad is most commonly used in the evenings in the living room (83%) and in the morning (70%). Use is equally popular when someone has time to kill or is in bed before going to sleep (66%/67%). For Russians and Hungarians it is more common to use the iPad before going to sleep. Finns and the Russians are the heaviest users when they are travelling to and from work.

Up to four hours a day
Around two-thirds said they are using the iPad more frequently. Almost everyone uses the iPad several times per day (94%), and roughly half of these spend between 30 minutes and 2 hours on it each day. The Russians and the Germans are the heaviest users. They use the iPad several times a day, and even for as much as 4 hours or more.

See infographic of household usage Sanoma iPad study.
Women play more games
The iPad is used mainly for reading the news, surfing/browsing, searching and e-mailing. With the exception of reading the news, these are all basic functions. The second category of usage includes social networking/blogging, playing games, reading magazines, watching TV and videos and looking at photos. Women play more games than men. Shopping, comparing and internet banking form a third category in terms of frequency of use.

More than six paid-for apps
Around one-third of respondents have downloaded more than 50 apps. Germany (54%) and Hungary (41%) are out in front in this respect. They have the most users with more than 50 apps. In general, women download fewer apps than men. Over half the respondents have paid for more than 6 apps.

The European iPad user
Of the respondents, on average 80% are male and 20% female. Use and experience of working with the iPad is almost the same amongst men and women. The average age of the respondents is 39 years. Users mainly have high educational levels, with professional and academic qualifications. This percentage is the highest in Russia (89%). In more than two-thirds of the households questioned this concerned married or cohabiting couples, with or without children. Around 60 percent of respondents report that they have above average earnings, or even twice as much or more.

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About the Sanoma iPad survey: From early July to the beginning of August 2011, Sanoma conducted an iPad survey in the most important countries in which the media company is active and distributes apps: the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Hungary, Belgium and Germany. Via banners in various Sanoma apps, a total of 3,673 were asked about their use and experience of working with the iPad.

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