The Association for Finnish Work has granted Esmerk Finland the right to use the Key Flag symbol in its news services produced in Finland. Esmerk news service, the media monitoring service Esmerk Tracking, the internet monitoring service EsmerkWebWatch, and the social media monitoring service EsmerkBlog&Forum Watch, as well as Esmerk's Consumer Report, and the Society of the Future report have been granted the right to use the Key Flag symbol in recognition of Finnish work and know-how.

"Esmerk's news service is developed and produced in Finland by experts. The high quality and tailored business intelligence service helps our clients to succeed. We want to emphasise the high degree of domestic origin of our services, and we feel that the very well-known Key Flag is the best way to convey this to clients. The Key Flag expresses the high quality of our services and the fact that they are responsibly produced", says IlkkaRäsänen,Managing Director of Esmerk Finland.

As many as nine out of ten Finns in the age group 15 - 74 recognise the Key Flag. An equal number of Finns feels that a symbol indicating origin is needed as buyers have the right to know the country of origin of the products they buy.

The voluntary symbol indicating origin has been introduced by Finnish organisations in response to consumers' requirements. The Key Flag is granted by the Association for Finnish Work, and it is a registered collective trade mark that proves a product or service is Finnish-made. The Key Flag symbol is issued to Finnish products or services when at least 50% of production, depending on the sector in question, is of Finnish origin. About 700 companies use the symbol on almost 1,500 products, product groups, or services.  

For additional information please contact Ilkka Räsänen, Managing Director Esmerk Finland.

Esmerk provides tailored global current awareness services to companies worldwide based on the monitoring of sources from over 140 countries out of 29 languages, with information provided to clients in the form of English language abstracts which summarise key developments.  Founded in 1975 in Finland, Esmerk now has around 200 employees at its offices in Finland, France, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, Sweden and the UK. The company has over 900 corporate customers in 28 countries and end-users worldwide.