If you happen to be in Belgium, driving on the E313 to Antwerp in the direction of Hasselt, please look to your right when you pass the exit Wommelgem. A VAN INspiring image of a teacher in a classroom is displayed on the façade of Van In’s office building. It’s a huge eye-catcher of their new corporate campaign.

With their slogan “Geef meer dan les” (‘Do more than teach’), Van In presents itself as a partner that helps teachers to make each lesson an enriching experience. The visual eye-catchers of the campaign are pictures of actual school situations.

Each picture shows the positive interaction between teacher and pupil. Van In is the driver behind this, as is shown in the headlines. These link Van In to the added value of its methods for the learning relationship: VAN Inspirerend (VAN Inspiring), VAN Interactief (VAN INteractive), VAN INzicht (VAN INsight), VAN INleven  (sympathise), VAN INbreng (contribute), VAN INtens (VAN INtense).