Tv-channel Nelonen, a part of Sanoma Group, has today introduced its renewed slogan and visual identity. Nelonen aims at entertaining the Finns by making them laugh and cry, relax and get excited. In 2001, Nelonen introduced the slogan "Something Else", that emphasised the channels's role as a new and fresh alternative. Nelonen continues to bring forth entertainment with its new slogan: "Entertainment Does You Good".

"Nelonen's role as an entertainer has not changed but the world around us has. With its expanded channel offering Nelonen is not the challenger anymore but one of the main channels that almost 80% of Finns follow weekly," says Nelonen's senior vice president sales and marketing Pia Kalsta.

In addition to the new slogan, the visual identity of the channel changed. Nelonen's viewers are used to see the visual identity renew and live in time. The new look promotes Nelonen's brand in all visual elements of the channel.

"The new look is based on themes that change daily and during the day," says Nelonen's creative director Tuomo Kulomaa, who was responsible of designing the new look.

Nelonen Media is a part of Sanoma Group's Sanoma Entertainment division.