The popular Choir War is coming back on 7 February with the second season episodes. Six Finnish artists have got together choirs from their home towns. The programme will continue until the end of March, when the spectators can expect a great finale. TV viewers choose by phone vote the choirs that get to continue in the show.

The programme is hosted by Kristiina Komulainen and the choir leaders are Finnish artists: Ilkka Alanko, Marco Hietala, Kristiina Brask, Virve "Vicky" Rosti, Sebastian Rejman and Sani. The money prize of the winning choir leader will be donated to charity of his/her choice.

February marks the start of a new lifestyle show at channel Liv. The series On the journey of interior design with Minna is hosted by Minna Lindberg who seeks for inspiration and new winds in the European design. Lindberg tours Central Europe by train and becomes acquainted with different styles of interior design, architecture and living habits.

A reality show The (Mixed Martial Arts) Gym starts at channel Jim on 1 March. The viewers can follow the lives of six fighters trying to balance their lives between work, leisure time and a demanding hobby. The (Mixed Martial Arts) Gym is a series about the happenings at a mixed martial arts gym and how to grow to be a fighter.

The Good Wife, a classy and intelligent drama series will begin at channel Four in the end of spring. Alicia, a stay-home-mum and a trophy wife, experiences a nervous breakdown when his husband's sex and corruption scandal is exposed. Alicia returns to work as an attorney and fights to hold her head high, as she faces all possible difficulties.

Of the more familiar series, Lost will continue with its last season's thrilling episodes. Also Mad Men returns to screen. The Oscar gala is a live broadcast and later the TV viewers will see an assembly of it.

Channel Four Sport Pro, a new pay TV channel launched in February

Nelonen Media launches a new pay TV channel, Channel Four Sport Pro, in co-operation with Viasat in the beginning of February. The channel provides world class sports entertainment, such as ice hockey, the world's finest football and MotoGP, among others. Channel Four Sport Pro aims at being Finland's best sports channel. is the most well-known online TV

Should you miss a programme of these generous offerings, Nelonen Media's online TV service comes to help. provides access to many of Nelonen Media's programmes. Viewers don't have to registrate to the service and the viewing of programmes is free. No wonder the service is so popular, and Nelonen Media can entertain its viewers in the best possible way. In November more than 4 million videos were started in Of these the amount of whole programme starts was almost 2.3 million. Also the amount of the viewed spots hit a new record.

Nelonen Media is part of Sanoma Entertainment, the electronic media division of the Sanoma Group.