The statutory employer-employee negotiations concerning the Jyväskylä facility of WS Bookwell began on 8 December 2009 and ended on 19 January 2010. The outcome was a decision to terminate the employment of 89 employees. Part of the production for small print runs of books and the domestic sales office will continue in Jyväskylä. The production of large print runs of books will be transferred to other Bookwell facilities.

"The integration of printing business, acquired from Gummerus at the beginning of December, will now move on to a new phase," says Managing Director Magnus Breitenstein. "We feel confident about the future. With the transaction, Bookwell has achieved a stronger position as the supplier for small and medium-scale publishing houses. We now have ample resources, the right competencies as well as an interest in serving this target group. The extension of our service concept means a further enhancement of our position as the leading Nordic manufacturer of books," Breitenstein expands.