Press Release 15/6/2010  16:15

M.Sc. (Econ.) Sirpa Louhevirta, 45, has been appointed as Group Treasurer at Sanoma starting from 30 August 2010. She will be responsible for centralised treasury operations, Group financing, liquidity and risk management. In her role as Group Treasurer she is also responsible for the financial management of pension funds and investments and she will also be the superior for the centralised treasury team. Sirpa Louhevirta will report to CFO Kim Ignatius.

"I am very pleased to get a highly competent professional to take care of the Group Treasury. I believe that her strong expertise on financing and capital markets further improves the efficiency of our treasury activities. The efficiency and sufficient flexibility of financing are important factors in executing our strategy," Sanoma's CFO Kim Ignatius comments.

Sirpa Louhevirta has previously served Nordea in many positions in Capital Markets and Customer Responsible Units, the most recent one being Senior Director in Corporate Merchant Banking unit with responsibility of several large corporate customer relationships.

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Kim Ignatius
Chief Financial Officer

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