Online game site Älypää, a part of Sanoma Group's Sanoma Games business unit, has been hacked. Over 120,000 user names and passwords were stolen and illegally published on the internet. Älypää noticed the theft late on Monday evening.

Main features of the attack method have been discovered and necessary actions to secure the service have been taken. As the investigation still continues no further details about the attack method will be disclosed.

Älypää's registered users received last night a personal email that urged them to change their password in other online services where they have used the same password. Älypää's user register doesn't contain any social security numbers or credit card information.

Sanoma Games' Director, gaming & online Fernando Herrera is deeply sorry for the information theft and information security risk it caused for users. "We take the matter very seriously. An information theft is a serious crime and we cooperate closely with the authorities to find out who was behind it and what were the effects of the attack. Älypää is a separate service and the attack has no effect on other Sanoma Games' registered users or their services", Herrera says.

Älypää is a part of Sanoma Games, a business unit of Sanoma Entertainment. Sanoma Group's other online services' security was not compromised because of the attack.