Sanoma has agreed to support the Clean Baltic Sea Project of the John Nurminen Foundation for three years. The agreement is effective immediately and it includes media space in Sanoma's different medias.The Clean Baltic Sea project of the John Nurminen Foundation aims at visible improvements in the condition of the Baltic Sea with two focus areas: The prevention of eutrophication through reduction of phosphorus emissions aims at an emission reduction of 2,500 tonnes of phosphorus. The Tanker Safety project's aim is to significantly reduce the risk of a large-scale oil tanker disaster in the Gulf of Finland."Sanoma is dedicated for the well-being of our near-by environment. This goal is supported by the John Nurminen Foundation's principle to allocate resources so that maximum positive effect for the environment is achieved as cost efficiently as possible. By supporting the Clean Baltic Sea Projects Sanoma promotes concrete and verifiable measures benefiting the Baltic Sea. This is very important for us as significant part of our customers are located in the Baltic Sea area", says Chairman of the Board of Sanoma, Jaakko Rauramo.Sanoma's support has had a significant role in the visibility of Clean Baltic Sea projects since their beginning. "Sanoma's support has secured successful and impressive environmental communication for the Foundation. The three-year support now agreed on provides the Foundation an even better opportunity to reach its goals", says Juha Nurminen, Chairman of the Board of John Nurminen Foundation.