Sanoma Magazines Finland's customers have voted the company's Media Sales organisation the best in Finland for the second time. Finland's leading magazine publisher was particularly highly rated for the customer-friendly nature, reliability, and service-minded approach of its media sales.

Sanoma Magazines Finland scored top in the annual survey of media companies' sales organisations carried out by IRO Research, which covered a total of 26 media companies and nine online advertising-focused sales organisations. Sanoma Magazines Finland's sales organisation received above-average ratings in all the areas measured by the survey. The range of the company's media portfolio, its proactive contact policy, and the customer-friendly nature of Sanoma Magazines Finland's services were particularly highlighted compared to those of competitors.

The success of Sanoma Magazines Finland's Media Sales in being rated top performer was also based on the positive ratings given to the company's customer contact personnel, pricing policy, the clarity of its terms and conditions, and the proactive nature of its customer service.

"The result is a great response to the work we've done in media sales and will motivate us to do even more to develop our services and skills," says Tuula Heikkinen, Acting Director of Media Sales at Sanoma Magazines Finland. "If there's one place that knows the importance of long-term work in creating a positive impression, it's the media business."

Sanoma Magazines Finland's Media Sales was also ranked the best in Finland in 2009, and in the latest study over a fifth of respondents (22%) said they thought the company had further improved its performance.

"We're very systematic about listening to our customers and focusing on areas where they say they would like to see improvements. We also very much prioritise maintaining our existing strengths. We've put a lot of effort into understanding our customers' businesses, for example, and this has definitely paid off, as the results show," continues Tuula Heikkinen.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is Finland's leading magazine publisher and part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine division of the Sanoma Group.

The second and third best scores went to Radio Rock/Aalto and Nelonen. Both belong toSanoma Entertainment, the electronic media division of the Sanoma Group.