The editorial teams of Finland's leading magazine publisher, Sanoma Magazines Finland, are to be grouped into one Editorial Unit, as of June 1. The magazine publishing business and sales will be centralized into Magazines Business Unit. Two other new business units are Comics and Books and Partnership Publishing.

The Editorial Unit will coordinate content, editorial development work, and portfolio development. The unit will include the editorial teams of 25 magazine titles and studio services.

The Magazines Business Unit will be responsible for magazine publishing operations and brand communication, and for consumer and media sales for Sanoma Magazines Finland as a whole.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is also Finland's largest publisher of children's and juvenile publications. The new Comics and Books Business Unit will be responsible for comics, books, book clubs, and crossword titles.

Custom Publishing, which produces corporate titles and other corporate communications solutions as well as Digital Media, which is responsible for Sanoma Magazines Finland's online business and the construction publisher Suomen Rakennuslehti Oy, will be brought together under the umbrella of the Partnership Publishing Unit.

"Premium-quality content, a dynamic product portfolio, industry-leading target readership expertise, and a very well-tuned sales operation are the cornerstones of our success," says Sanoma Magazines Finland's CEO Clarisse Berggårdh.

Sanoma Magazines Finland is a part of Sanoma Magazines division of the Sanoma Group, a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of media in twenty European countries.