Press Release  28/04/2010  15:45

A large-scale Finnish research programme Next Media has received EUR 3.8 million from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation for 2010. Sanoma leads and co-ordinates the Next Media research programme, which develops future concepts and business models for media. The aim of the research programme is to enhance digital media R&D activity in Finland and to also lead to significant business internationally.

"Tekes' positive funding decision enables a joint R&D investment of this scale for the first time in Finnish media industry. The programme strives to improve the industry know-how, so that we are able to also ensure the success of Finnish media internationally," Next Media research programme leader Eskoensio Pipatti says.

Next Media research programme includes ten different projects. For example, eReading project examines how content moves from content producer to eReading applications. The project focuses on the new business models, user experiences and common technological interfaces and file formats. Other projects examine, for example, effects of new platforms on media consumption and new ways of internationalising digital media services in large-scale.

Sanoma has a leading role in the Next Media programme. All Sanoma's five divisions are in the programme.

"Participating in the Next Media research programme supports Sanoma's strategic objective to increase innovation and to focus on digital media. I am delighted that we are doing the R&D activities jointly with all other media players," Sanoma's President and CEO Hannu Syrjänen says.

Receiving the first year's funding from Tekes enables the Next Media projects to start in full speed. The total scope of the Next Media research programme, which is initiated by the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Field of ICT, is EUR 6.8 million. It is one of the six programmes, which now cover the whole area of ICT from gadgets to content and consumers. The final targets are set for year 2015.
Additional information: Chief of R&D Eskoensio Pipatti, Sanoma Entertainment, tel. +358 10 707 7035,
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