The Sanoma Group's divisions Sanoma News, Sanoma Entertainment and Sanoma Magazines have established the Joint digital media ecosystem initiative in Finland to prepare for the delivery of paid content to tablets.

Tablets, Apple's iPad being the most famous one, are used for browsing the web, reading magazines, newspapers and books, watching movies and playing games, among others. Tablets are expected to make their way to Finland by the end of this year.

"Within some time span, tablet versions will be made of all our leading products. We want to be a pioneer in offering fantastic media experiences to all our customers", says Marja-Leena Tuomola, Senior Vice President, Business and Digital Operations Development of Sanoma News.

Finland's leading daily Helsingin Sanomat, country's number-one fashion and lifestyle title Gloria, and the number-one specialist IT title Tietokone are the first of Sanoma's Finnish titles to publish tablet versions this year still.

The Joint digital media ecosystem initiative is run by Fernando Herrera from Sanoma Games.

Sanoma is a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of media in more than 20 countries.