Sanoma Magazines Finland's flagship title in the 50-plus age category, ET-lehti, has increased its readership by 59,000, according to the latest Finnish National Readership Survey (NRS Reader Fall 2009/Spring 2010). The survey also showed that women's magazines are particularly popular at the moment.

ET-lehti's readership now stands at 695,000, which represents an increase of nearly 10% on the figure it scored in the previous survey (NRS Reader 2009). ET-lehti is Sanoma Magazines Finland's second-largest title after Aku Ankka (Donald Duck), which is Finland's largest subscription magazine, with 1.07 million readers.

The readerships of all of Sanoma Magazines Finland's women's and family titles have either grown or remained stable, according to the survey. Finland's leading women's magazine, Me Naiset, has continued to increase its readership, which now stands at 451,000, 19% larger than that of its nearest competitor, Anna. A total of 574,000 Finns read Kodin Kuvalehti, an increase of 12,000 on the previous figure. Gloria has attracted 5,000 new readers and its readership now totals 307,000.

"Our growing readership numbers show that we're able to offer our readers a constantly improving read," says Riitta Pollari, Sanoma Magazines Finland's Editorial Director. "We believe strongly in the importance of quality content and that magazines produced with the right ideas, professionalism, and passion will attract readers. It's been interesting to see that the growing popularity of women's magazine titles has also impacted the way things are done in other media."

The 28 titles from Sanoma Magazines Finland in the survey have a total of 7.2 million readers in all today, a comparable increase of 74,000 on the previous survey last year.

Further information:

Anne Koski, Publishing Director and Head of Sales & Brand Communications, Magazines Business Unit, tel. +358 (0)9 120 5574

Riitta Pollari, Editorial Director, Magazines, tel. +358 (0)9 120 5305

Sanoma Magazines Finland is Finland's leading magazine publisher and the market leader in women's and family magazines, children's and juvenile publications, and consumer IT titles. Over 3 million Finns read the company's more than 40 magazines. Sanoma Magazines Finland also produces a number of custom publications and has a strong online presence. Net sales in 2009 totalled €198.8 million.

Sanoma Magazines is part of the Sanoma Group, a strong European media group operating across a wide range of fields in over 20 countries.