Information and media tracking services provider Esmerk is introducing a new service in the market: Nordic Consumer Insight, which is based on the views of Nordic consumers. It supports decision-making in companies. The report is published once a month and it summarises currents events and news and consumer behaviour as introduced in the media. The subjects covered by the report are: consumer attitudes, time management, wellbeing, food, housing, work, money, trade, media, technology and trends. The report will be a help for management and marketing professionals who work with consumers.Nordic Consumer Insight consists of news, research results, forecasts and comparisons, and it is based on news abstracts produced by Esmerk. Information from almost 2,000 sources is at our disposal. The service is produced by Esmerk's Business Intelligence Services."It is vital for companies to observe the wider trends and changes taking place in the customer field and also in the media. Consumer behaviour is of great significance to the companies", Ilkka Räsänen, Managing Director of Esmerk, points out.Esmerk provides its clients with targeted, concise, and comprehensive information and media monitoring services. Esmerk has seven offices worldwide, with nearly 200 employees monitoring media from 130 countries. Esmerk is part of Sanoma News, a division of the Sanoma Group.