Finns were eager to go to the movies on 2009. Over 5 million spectators enjoyed the movie experiences in Finnkino theatres, which is an all time record in Finnkino´s history. Spectators are attracted by the versatile all-year-round movie supply and the social experience, and the movie ticket is an exceptable price for a short escape from everyday life, even during the recession. The success of the modern multiplexes, 3D phenomenon and alternative content, such as live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera, gave a boost to the record year of Finnkino.

3D phenomenon became settled

The 3D movies marked the movie year 2009. The most viewed movie was Ice Age 3 animation and the toughest expectations were directed to the 3D spectacle Avatar, which premiered in December and still is in the theatres

Finnkino has a good coverage of movie theatres with 3D technology and the chain owns 3D movie theatres in eight cities.

Finnkino is part of Sanoma Trade, a division of the Sanoma Group.