Welho launched a mobile broadband connection, Wekkula, on 20 January. The service is available to Welho's current broadband customers, and it works in all Finland. The speed of Iso Wekkula is 1Mbps, and Pikku Wekkula 384 kpbs. The service is implemented in co-operation with AinaCom. The mobile connection works in the DNA's network.

"We wanted to offer Welho's broadband customers an easy way to use Welho's service also on the move. We believe that a combination of a home-based fixed broadband and a complementary mobile broadband answers to the needs of our customers. Wekkula is also a flexible solution, as Welho's customers can take it into use for the exact period of time they want to," says Johan Flykt, President of Welho.

Welho did a survey on its customers' interest in mobile broadband in its own customer panel. The results reinforced Welho's view that broadband subscribers want to complement their fixed connection with a mobile one especially in certain situations.

Wekkula mobile broadband can be subscribed by all Welho's customers who already subscribe to a broadband with bandwidth of 5M or more, and who make a fixed-term subscription of 18 months for their fixed line. However, the customer is not bind to Wekkula for a predetermined period of time.

Welho is the largest cable TV operator in Finland, and a significant broadband service provider. Welho is part of Sanoma Entertainment, the electronic media division of the Sanoma Group.