Broadband operator Welho was awarded number one position in the EPSI Rating 2009 customer satisfaction survey for Finnish broadband operators. The leading position came to Welho for the fourth time in a row.

In addition to being the undisputable number one, Welho improved its customer satisfaction rating the most.

The broadband operators were analysed both in terms of customer satisfaction and in loyalty. The analysis measured also the components of satisfaction and loyalty, such as public image, product and service quality and perceived value. Welho scored best points in all these areas and had an exceptionally high score for loyalty.

The EPSI Rating survey measures customer satisfaction and includes all major Finnish broadband operators. The data was collected in phone interviews in September–October 2009. The respondents were asked to give their evaluation of the operator they use. The respondents represented a random sample.

Welho is part of Sanoma Entertainment, the electronic media division of the Sanoma Group.