Sanoma Uitgevers has announced the total gain of the fifth edition of the Pink Ribbon Magazine in 2008. This jubilee edition with a theme 'Vivre' raised a total amount of EUR 900,422 to be used for improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients.Pink Ribbon Magazine Vivre 2008 sold over 100,000 copies. The gain of the magazine is donated in full to the Foundation Pink Ribbon, as always. The money will be used for new projects of the Foundation to improve the care for breast cancer patients and their families. 
 Sanoma Uitgevers has been publishing the magazine in Holland for five years. During these years, the company has donated a total amount of EUR 3,695,465 for the Foundation Pink Ribbon. The money has mainly been used for informing about breast cancer and the quality of care for breast cancer patients in general.Despite the poor economical times, Sanoma Uitgevers will continue to publish Pink Ribbon Magazine also in 2009. A new editorial team under the management of Erika Arps, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Flair magazine, already started working on this coming sixth edition. The magazine will be launched in October 2009.
Together with Sanoma Uitgevers' CEO Dick Molman, Quinty Trustfull - Ambassador of the Foundation Pink Ribbon – offered a cheque to the Director of the Pink Ribbon Foundation Ida van Bell (pictured).