, the first and most popular Finnish online auction service, has reached its 10th anniversary. In the ten years of operation, has become part of Finns' daily lives. For consumers, the service is free to use, and its monthly visitor volume is over one million.

"The success of follows the familiar global formula where one of this kind of service often becomes, by far, the most popular service in its market area, and it is extremely difficult for other players to keep up. is the absolute number one of the Finnish online auction services," says Toni Ruuska, Product Manager at Sanoma Digital.

"The service's success also reflects current trends. Trading used goods is both environmental and economical," says Ruuska.

At the moment, a total of 250,000 products change hands through per month. There are approximately 700,000 items for sale.

The most popular items include clothing and electronics in particular, but the variety of goods is extensive. Last year, was used to sell Christmas tree vendor locations in Helsinki and a charity date with Susanna Sievinen. Each year, a large number of visitors interested in the clothing used in the Finnish version of the TV series Dancing with the Stars have accessed

The ten-year-old service is actively developed in order to keep up with user demands.

A community of active users has been established around the service, and their wishes can be taken into account better from now on. is part of Sanoma Digital Marketplaces. Sanoma Digital is part of the Sanoma News division of the Sanoma Group.