Sanoma Uitgevers intends to simplify its organisational structure on 1 January 2010 to better respond to a changing media landscape and the demands of consumers and advertisers. The new structure will be based on two pillars: digital and print media. The corporate brand names Jonge Gezinnen, Sanoma Men's Magazines (SMM) and ilse media will seize to exist.

All digital activities of Sanoma Uitgevers, its subsidiaries Jonge Gezinnen and Sanoma Men's Magazines will be bundled under ilse media, using Sanoma Digital as a corporate brand. This creates a broad digital network. The general management of the digital organisation remains the responsibility of COO Digital Michiel Buitelaar. All print activities will be placed under Sanoma Uitgevers, managed by COO Print Henk Scheenstra. Both Buitelaar and Scheenstra will report to Sanoma Uitgevers CEO Dick Molman.

By simplifying its organisational structure Sanoma Uitgevers is able to respond to media market changes more efficiently, and the company increases its commercial focus. This is needed to realise the ambition to become the largest Dutch media company. Sanoma Uitgevers is already the largest multimedia publisher in the Netherlands, reaching 91% through its print and digital media.

The new organisational structure will lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness. It will be easier to share knowledge, the focus will be clearer, and people can be deployed more effectively. In recent years, staff costs have risen too strongly related to revenue growth. In the coming years these costs will be brought in line with the lower revenue growth that is expected. Savings can be realised in a multitude of ways, amongst others by sobering labour conditions and by reducing the number of full-time equivalents. Lay-offs, on a small scale, will not be ruled out.

In the coming years, Sanoma Uitgevers wants to expand its position as market leader. The company will continue to invest in magazines and believes in their power, also in the long run. In digital media growth can be realised by offering new mobile services, online video and the further expansion of existing platforms.

Sanoma Uitgevers is part of the Sanoma Group's magazines division, Sanoma Magazines.