Jonge Gezinnen B.V. intends to stop the activities of its Felicitas hostess organisation on 1 November 2009. The financial results of the Felicitas hostess activities have come under pressure in the past years because of the structural decline in the number of house visits combined with decreasing sales. The distribution of the Felicitas Zwangerkadoos and Felicitas Babykadoos gift boxes will be continued.

"Closing the Felicitas hostess organisation turned out to be an inevitable decision in the end. The changing consumer forces Jonge Gezinnen to keep a finger on the pulse and redirect where necessary. Nevertheless, the decision to end the hostess organization, impacting so many employees, was a tough one," says Stefan Hutten, Managing Director of Jonge Gezinnen.

On account of this reorganisation the employment of at least 163 employees of Jonge Gezinnen B.V. will seize to exist. Together with labour union FNV Bondgenoten a social plan will be formulated.

Amongst others the decrease in the number of births, the increase in the labour participation of women and the growing urbanisation have resulted in a decreasing trend of the number of house visits by hostesses. From 1 November onwards, the Felicitas Babykadoos gift box will no longer be handed out by the Felicitas hostess team, but delivered to homes by mail instead. The Felicitas Zwangerkadoos gift box can already be picked up from all Etos drugstores in the Netherlands.

About Jonge Gezinnen B.V.

Jonge Gezinnen B.V. is market leader in reaching expectant mothers and young families. The media portfolio consists (amongst others) of magazines like Ouders van Nu, Kinderen, Groter Groeien, OOK and Kek Mama, the websites and and the de Felicitas Zwanger- and Babykadoos gift boxes. Additionally, Jonge Gezinnen issues the Jonge Gezinnen discount card and organises the Jonge Gezinnen Fair.

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