Welho, the largest cable operator in Finland, has launched 110 Mbps broadband consumer service based on EuroDocsis 3.0 specification together with Cisco. The service is available to all the 320,000 homes in Welho's cable network in the Helsinki capital region. Welho is the first cable operator in Europe to start commercial deployment of EuroDocsis 3.0 platform in the entire network.

"Cable broadband technology is superior both in the scope of footprint when compared to fibre, and in the range of speed in comparison to xDSL technologies. The access technology we utilize provides thus a significant competitive edge over other solutions, adding a distinct qualitative advantage to the outstanding customer experience," says Jarno Haikonen, vice president, broadband and television.

Welho has carried out major upgrades in its network, in order to be ready for the even higher speeds enabled by EuroDocsis 3.0 in the future. "EuroDocsis 3.0 enables us to utilize the wide bandwidth and other technical advantages of cable. As cable technology now allows bandwidths in excess of 100 Mbps, we are looking forward to offering speeds exceeding 200 Mbps within a few years," says Johan Flykt, president of Welho. "We are very pleased about being able to offer superfast broadband to our customers at a competitive price as compared to other technologies."

Welho is the largest cable TV operator in Finland, and a significant broadband service provider. Welho is part of SWelcom, the electronic media division of the SanomaWSOY Group. As of 1 October 2008 SWelcom will change its name to Sanoma Entertainment.