Nelonen has started the free high definition broadcasts in Welho cable network as the first Finnish TV-channel.

The programmes of TV channel Nelonen are offered with a higher quality signal in the future, with the 16:9 broadcasts. TV-picture supporting high definition technology is sharper and more qualified than the ordinary standard definition technology.

"We are now carrying out a very interesting project as the first ones in Finland," Anu Nissinen, the President of SWelcom says.

Nelonen is seen with the high definition signal in Welho cable network in channel 15. Also other channels of Nelonen Media will be seen with such a high quality probably in 2009.

"This is the beginning of a new era for Nelonen as well as for the Finnish television industry as a whole. The viewer will benefit from the better quality of the TV-picture. The better quality is also a great indication of the benefits brought by the digital television," Juha-Pekka Louhelainen, the Operations Manager of Nelonen Media rejoices.

"In Welho we are pleased to offer services in our network that the customers have been waiting and hoping for. The customers can now utilise the big high definition televisions they already have for the purpose the televisions are designed and bought for," the operations manager (acting) of Welho, Kari Ruopsa explains.

Nelonen and Welho are part of SWelcom, the electronic media division of the SanomaWSOY Group.