Financial information publisher Taloussanomat discontinued its printed paper and concentrated its resources fully to online site at the beginning of the year. The decision has been well received by the users – had last week for the first time 300,000 unique weekly visitors.

Measured by the number of visitors, was last week Finland's largest financial news site. Taloussanomat is the fourth largest among the sites with newspaper background.

Digitoday, focusing on technological stories and part of Taloussanomat, had 98,837 unique visitors last week. This number is not included in Taloussanomat's visitor numbers. Last week, the most popular stories on were related to real estates, telecom company Elisa and cars.

Finland's largest newspapers online on week 2 were (measured with unique visitors)

  1. Iltalehti 1,231,680

  2. Ilta-Sanomat 1,197,484

  3. Helsingin Sanomat 912,200

  4. Taloussanomat 309,833

  5. Kauppalehti Online 309,110

  6. Kaleva 135,838

  7. Aamulehti 112,731

  8. Turun Sanomat 97,165

  9. Keskisuomalainen 52,081

  10. Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 34,507

Taloussanomat is part of Sanoma, the newspaper division of the SanomaWSOY Group.