SanomaWSOY Corp. Stock Exchange Release 2 Apr 2008 at 8:30

SanomaWSOY Corporation's Board of Directors has decided to exercise the authorisation of the Annual General Meeting of 1 April 2008 to purchase SanomaWSOY's own shares with the Company's unrestricted equity. A maximum of 8,285,000 shares can be purchased.

The Company's own shares will not be purchased in relation to the shareholdings of the existing shareholders. They will be purchased at the market price of the purchasing moment from the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki.

According to the authorisation of the AGM, the shares will be purchased to develop the Company's capital structure, carry out potential corporate acquisitions or other business arrangements, or to be otherwise disposed, retained as treasury shares, or invalidated.

The purchases will begin on or after 9 April 2008. The authorisation will be valid until the Annual General Meeting of 2009.


Matti Salmi
Senior Vice President
Finance and Administration

Additional information: SanomaWSOY's Group Communications, tel +358 105 19 5062 or

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