SanomaWSOY Corp. Press Release 7 Feb 2008 at 12:20

SanomaWSOY's Board of Directors has today proposed to the Annual General Meeting that the name of the Company will be changed to Sanoma Corporation. At the same time, the names of the divisions will be unified. The name change has no implications for the product brands of the Group.

"The Group, established ten years ago, has grown and internationalised. New common name and visual identity reflect the change in our way of operating: divisions, earlier operating quite separately, are now more and more co-operating across the organisational borders. Co-operation is also supported by the change in the management system in spring 2007. In addition, "Sanoma" is a powerful word and it is easy to adopt and remember as the Group name in all language areas. And it has already for a longer time been in use among our international stakeholders," says President and CEO Hannu Syrjänen.

"This change does not effect WSOY (Werner Söderström Corporation) or WSOY Oppimateriaalit as companies responsible for book publishing, business information and services and educational publishing in Finland. The brand name WSOY will also remain as one of our most valuable product brands in general literature, business information and services as well as educational publishing," Syrjänen adds.

The Annual General Meeting will decide on the new name on 1 April 2008. The new name and visual identity is estimated to be officially in use on 1 October 2008. New name for the Sanoma Division will be Sanoma News. Names for the other divisions will be announced after the Annual General Meeting has decided on the new name for the Group.


Matti Salmi
Senior Vice President
Finance and Administration

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