Sanoma's electronic marketplaces will introduce a new online directory at, specialising in employment exchange of temporary work in Finland.

The Työtori service is free of charge, and it connects people in need of help with entrepreneurs providing domestic work. Instead of having to browse the ads in local shops and newspapers, the services can be accessed at a single website where users can perform searches according to their needs.

Households in need of renovators, babysitters, window-washers or cleaners will now find the service providers very easily from a single address. Those in need of domestic help can also enter their own ad and find out which entrepreneur delivers the most competitive price.

For service providers, Työtori is an easy way of acquiring new customers. Small companies can quickly create their own website at Työtori, in which they can introduce their services, references and recommendations. Those in need of domestic help will find the service supplier's contact details in Työtori's database.

The service will be launched in co-operation with the Association of Finnish Work and Pension Fennia. "We want to help households in their busy everyday life. With our partners, we will make Työtori a versatile information channel for those in need of different services, and provide small businesses with a free-of-charge marketing spot. The objective is to establish an online service that connects work assignors and suppliers in an efficient way," says Pekka Ketonen, Head of Development and Marketing at Sanoma's electronic marketplaces.

"The interest towards the service has been extensive, and we are very happy with the fact that the Association of Finnish Work and Pension Fennia have wanted to engage in close co-operation with Työtori," Ketonen points out.

Sanoma is part of the SanomaWSOY Group.