Sanoma Uitgevers launches new, innovative women's magazine Flow. The bimonthly Flow is a so-called me-time magazine for women between 30 and 45 years old with a busy but fun life.

Flow's concept is to provide tranquillity and tell about different ways of approaching life. The magazine is innovative in both form and content: It offers creative extras and uses a surprising choice of paper. Every issue has five sections: Feel connection, Spoil yourself, Live mindfully, Simplify your life and Easy reading.

Dedicated research shows that the current generation of women aged between 30 and 45 is entrepreneurial and socially aware. They are women with a strong sense of responsibility. But they are also tired of the strain of having to cope with many demands, and they experience a lot of anxiety in making choices.

"We want to give women a magazine that is entirely for them," says Astrid van der Hulst, who developed and produced Flow together with Irene Smit. "We set out to create a magazine that captures the demands of this target audience. And we got everything we needed, including the freedom to stray from the beaten tracks. Flow is creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in every aspect," Smit explains.

Sanoma Uitgevers is part of the Sanoma Group's magazines division, Sanoma Magazines.