Sanoma Uitgevers has launched, a social shopping site focused at women aged between twenty and thirty. On the site everybody can find an overview of the best and nicest stores in the Netherlands according to the editorial team of Spot a Shop and its content partners Flair, Viva, Yes and VT Wonen. Also site users and shopkeepers can add to the list of shops. Visitors can develop their own shopping plan, print it and take it with them when they hit a town. The information can also be shared amongst friends.

"Usually when you are going shopping in an unknown city, you end up no further than the main shopping street. The best shops however are just around the corner. But which corner? Spot-a-Shop ends your wandering. And you can leave those hefty city guides at home too," says Sanne van Soest,'s co-ordinator. Sanne van Soest won Sanoma Uitgevers' Big Idea Contest 2007 with her idea 'Map 2 Shop'. The Big Idea Contest challenges creative minds to propose ideas for a magazine, website or other media service.

Sanoma Uitgevers is the largest multimedia publisher in the Netherlands and part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine division of the SanomaWSOY Group.