Sanoma Uitgevers has entered into an agreement to start a joint venture with the Dutch bank Rabobank. The joint venture will be established to run Moviq, the home deco and housing platform. The agreement is subject to approval of the European antitrust officials.

The co-operation fits the multimedia strategy of Sanoma Uitgevers according to what it serves customers as broadly as possible in specific interest areas like Home Deco, Cars and Travel. Moviq platform is the one-stop-shop in the area of living. At Moviq consumers find a complete overview of all real estate that is for sale and all companies that are active in the housing market. On top of this there is extensive information about buying and selling a house, moving, refurbishment options including demo videos and the latest home deco trends.

Dick Molman, CEO of Sanoma Uitgevers: "Moviq is a big project with a big ambition. I am very glad that in Moviq Rabobank and Sanoma Uitgevers separately two large players in the housing and home deco market – have now joined forces."

With almost 80 consumer magazines (including accompanying extensions and events) and more than 125 websites Sanoma Uitgevers is the largest multimedia publisher in the Netherlands. Sanoma Uitgevers is part of Sanoma Magazines a division of the SanomaWSOY Group.

Rabobank consists of 174 independent local Rabobanks in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the bank has a dominant position in almost all financial services: mortgages, savings accounts among others.