Rautakirja, owner of Romanian press distribution company Hiparion Distribution, has decided to invest in a retail convenience store chain in Romania. Rautakirja plans to open 30 stores under the R-kiosk brand in 2008 and to reach over 100 stores by the end of 2009.

The company will launch its first modern kiosk concept in Bucharest with the aim of later expanding its business to other major cities. The first convenience store will be opened on the 31 July 2008. The modern R-kiosks will be located both in the high street and in shopping malls. The R-kiosks' product mix will integrate the best selections of press and tobacco in Romania, traditional kiosk goods (beverages, snacks, confectionery etc.), but also a good assortment of fast-food (hot dogs, pastries, sandwiches, salads, coffee etc.), pre-paid cards, books, CDs, DVDs as well as lottery.

Rautakirja's kiosk operations are continuously developing their assortment. However, kiosks will continue to play a significant role in the single copy sales of newspapers and magazines. In Romania, Rautakirja's kiosk and press distribution activities will go "hand in hand", with the aim of boosting up business operations, improving efficiency and serving customers better.

Hiparion Distribution was established in 1999, and since 2004, the company has been owned by Rautakirja Corporation. A wholesaler and a national distributor of magazines and newspapers in Romania, Hiparion Distribution consolidated its market share as the leading player in the press distribution sector. There are currently 720 R-kiosk in Finland. The company additionally operates kiosks in Estonia (200 R-kiosks), Latvia (390 R-kiosks), Lithuania (470 R-kiosks), Russia (150 R-kiosks). Rautakirja is part of the SanomaWSOY Group.