Printcenter is specialised in point-of-sale marketing solutions – one of the fastest growing areas of marketing at the moment. Printcenter joined the SanomaWSOY Group in 2007 and its services complement excellently the Group's marketing services.

Printcenter's operations are divided into production, logistics and sales promotion. Innovations and product development play essential role in Printcenter's operations and the company produces yearly some 20,000 unique products. The company is a specialist in utilising challenging materials and techniques in its products. Its product range is the widest in the Nordic countries including many specialities that no one else produces in Finland.

Printcenter produces mainly of printed products, plastics and shelf structures that can all be manufactured in-house combining know-how from different areas.

"Point-of-sale marketing is in gaining momentum. According to several consumer surveys, only one third of the customers have decided exactly what to buy when going to supermarket – and only half of these people know which brand they're going to choose. The decisions can be influenced by good campaigns or product presentations," Marketing Director Mika Tyrväinen from Printcenter states.

"In principle, efficient point-of-sale marketing is simple, clear and informative. In a grocery store, for example, the decision is made in a couple of seconds. The message has to be clear in order to be noticed; movement or light can help in catching the customer's attention. Recently, campaigns offering something additional for free – buy three boxes of tea and get a free mug, for example – have been popular in Finland," Tyrväinen describes.

From the Group units, Printcenter has mostly provided marketing solutions for Rautakirja Division of which it is also part of. "New co-operation possibilities are opening all the time," Tyrväinen says.

More power from product development

Printcenter way of doing includes continuous product development and innovation process. President Hannu Tolvanen emphasises that the company's goal is to fulfil customers' versatile wishes.

"We have tested different ways to combine sounds, pictures and movement into our products. In addition, we continuously focus on developing the quality of our printed products," Tolvanen describes. In order to increase the quality, Printcenter has also invested in a new printing machine that enables printing to different materials like plastic and wood as well as reduces environmental impacts of printing.

Printcenter, established in 1989, joined Rautakirja press distribution operations in 15 February 2007. It is located in Central Finland, near Jyväskylä city. The company employs some 200 permanent and 300 part time employees.

Rautakirja is a retail specialist whose business is based on a thorough understanding of the consumers' needs and strong concepts. It is part of the SanomaWSOY Group.