Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria introduces Zdraven Journal, a new monthly health magazine. Aimed at young and active women who desire professional advice on how to live, look and feel well, the magazine's initial print-run is 40,000 copies. Zdraven Journal has a cover

price of BGN 1.49 (some EUR 0.80).

"The ambition of our editorial team is that women will be able to find the answers they are looking for in our magazine's sections about health, medicine, prevention, plastic surgery, and family," says Natalia Alexieva, Zdraven Journal's Executive Editor. The first issue of the magazine includes features about sound sleeping, obesity and an advice section of the world famous nutrition expert Michel Montignac.

Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria publishes National Geographic Bulgaria, the No.1 fashion magazine ELLE, the women's bible COSMOPOLITAN, the bestselling Bliasak and Journal, the glossy monthly lifestyle magazines Maximum as well as Story, Tya! and Moeto Dete magazine. The company is also expanding its operations toward online publishing. Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria is part of Sanoma Magazines International, responsible for the magazines operations of the SanomaWSOY Group in Central, Eastern and South East Europe.