Nelonen Media's campaign Operaatio Maa (Operation Earth) is a multimedia project consisting of a tv-series, fund raising web site and background information web site. The purpose of the campaign is to inform about the various aspects affecting the climate and also promote small things that each of us can do to stop the global warming. In addition to raising awareness, the campaign aims to raise funds for WWF Finland to be used to three different environmental projects around the world.

Television series Operaatio Maa starts on 11 November and it aims to tell about the climate change in a concrete and easily understandable way. In the programme, three teams consisting of famous Finns get to know different kinds of environmental challenges and start projects to fight the climate change.

Two of the projects aim directly at reducing green house gas emissions by providing villages in Nepal and Madagaskar with an alternative energy source: bio gas ovens and windmills reduce also the amount of wood needed in heating and cooking. The third project aims to establish wetlands on the shores of the Baltic Sea in order to reduce the amount of fertilizers leaking in the sea.

In addition to the television series, the campaign has a fund raising web site. In a donator can add his/her own message for others to read and select a project which he/she wishes to support. The background information site tells about the TV series, the teams and their support groups and partners. In addition to WWF Finland, the campaign's partners are Challenge Europe –project and web site.

Nelonen Media is part of Sanoma Entertainment, the electronic media division of the Sanoma Group.