Ismo Vuoksio, M.Sc. Techn, 44, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sanomapaino Oy, and Jarmo Koskinen, 46, has been named Chief Executive Officer of Sanoma Lehtimedia. Both appointments are effective from 1 April 2008. Antti Mäkelä, who has led both companies, is resigning. Vuoksio and Koskinen will also become members of Sanoma's Executive Management Group.

Vuoksio has worked at Sanoma since 1989, and is currently Production Director of Helsingin Sanomat, with responsibility for the management and procurement of production and distribution services, development projects for commercial operations and advertising production. Vuoksio started his career at Sanoma as a project engineer at the Sanomala Printing Plant.

Jarmo Koskinen is the Director of the Southern Saimaa profit centre and is a member of Lehtimedia's management team. Previously, he has served as Lehtimedia's Advertising Production Director. Koskinen started employment at Southern Saimaa in 1982. Koskinen will continue as the manager of the Southern Saimaa unit.

"I am excited to be appointed to lead Sanomapaino. The printing plants have been developed with determination, and they form an excellent ensemble for offering high-quality printing solutions. I believe that thanks to our competent personnel we can improve Sanomapaino's competitiveness and continue to improve the services we offer our customers," Vuoksio says.

"Sanoma's regional and local newspapers and magazines are in a very strong position. Recently, we have focused especially on work with customers and improving customer service. In addition, projects will be started to develop the content of publications. There is a lot more work to be done along this path and it is worth doing," Koskinen says.

Antti Mäkelä, who is retiring from operational management work, believes that Sanoma Lehtimedia and Sanomapaino have a bright future. "Now is a good time to leave, when things are in good shape. Both companies, Sanomapaino and Sanoma Lehtimedia, have improved their results and operating models. I can leave the companies to my successors with an untroubled mind," Mäkelä says.

"Antti has performed an immense service for Sanoma over a period of decades, for which I am grateful. He has expressed his wish to resign from operational management for many years. Now is a good time to do that, as both Lehtimedia and Sanomapaino posted the best results in their history," says Mikael Pentikäinen, President of Sanoma.

"I'm delighted that we're appointing such excellent managers to continue Antti's work. I know that both have top-notch professional and team-working skills. I'm pleased that Antti has promised to continue working on certain Sanoma projects," Pentikäinen adds.

Sanomapaino and Sanoma Lehtimedia are part of the Sanoma business division of SanomaWSOY Group.

Ismo Vuoksio

Jarmo Koskinen