Year 2007 was successful for both movie theatre operator Finnkino and the whole business area. In Finland, the number of visitors grew markedly, by 14%. The popular myth, that Finns will not see movies in the summer, was proven wrong. For the last couple of years, movie theatre visits during the summer have grown steadily, and the summer 2007 finally proved that it is not a temporary phenomenon.

July, traditionally the month when movie theatres in Finland have closed their doors, broke all records and lost only to December 2007. The block busters The Simpsons Movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End as well as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix among other popular films brought over 4.5 million viewers to theatres in Finland. The most viewed film in 2007 was the Finnish Christmas Story which came to theatres at the end of the year.

Top 5 in 2007 / Finnkino, Finland

The Simpsons Movie


Pirates of the Caribbean


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Mr. Bean's Holiday




Biggest growth figures in Finland were naturally seen in the new theatres, Plaza in Oulu (opened in 2006) and Kuvapalatsi in Lahti (opened at the second half of 2007). The next new theatre will be Finnkino's entertainment centre in Flamingo, Vantaa.

Over half of Finnkino's viewers are in the Baltic countries, where Finnkino operates under Forum Cinemas brand. Also in the Baltic countries, the numbers of visitors have grown strongly.

A hit Christmas present, four movie tickets in one package, increased its popularity – over 100,000 packages were sold this Christmas. These will be used during the spring season. Other significant success factors for Finnkino are snack sales and corporate tickets. More and more tickets are sold online.

The movie year 2008 is going to be good as well: there will be 11 Finnish premiers and during the year, we will see several well-known characters like Indiana Jones, James Bond and Harry Potter.

Finnkino is part of Rautakirja, a division of the SanomaWSOY Group.