Free sheet Vartti's online service is now among the top 10 online newspapers in Finland. Last week (29 September–5 October 2008) the site had 122,572 unique visitors according to TNS Metrix. In total, the printed and the online version reach over 700,000 readers.

"The popularity of proves that a significant change has happened in both producing as well as distributing of local news. Increasingly, local news are read online. In Vartti, we have created a modern free sheet, which is growing both on- and offline," says Vartti's Senior Editor-In-Chief Janne Kaijärvi.

With constantly updated local news, gives an accurate picture of what is happening in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Local news search presents news from different parts of the area in a visual map format. The next step will be free-of-charge mobile news.

In three years, Vartti has developed in to a urban media, especially storing in local news. The printed paper has now 567,000 readers, 22% growth in three months., free sheets Vartti and Metro are published by Sanoma Kaupunkilehdet, a part of the Sanoma News division.