The biggest weekly magazine in Finland, Aku Ankka (Donald Duck), has once again reached one million readers according to National Readership survey. Also women's weekly Me Naiset has strengthened its position as the most read women's magazine in Finland.

Compared with the last survey in 2007, Aku Ankka's readers have increased by 38,000 and it has now 1,033,000 readers. Me Naiset has now 403,000 readers with an increase of 13,000. Also health magazine Hyvä Terveys is a strong leader in its field with 441,000 readers. Market leaders are also ET-lehti, a title for 50+ readers, and the most read Finnish women's weekly Kodin Kuvalehti with 798,000 and 583,000 readers respectively.

"The most recent readership figures show that magazines are still very appealing to readers and that the numerous new launches have increased the interest towards magazines," tells Raili Mäkinen, CEO of Sanoma Magazines Finland. "Especially women's and family magazines did well in the survey. For instance women's monthly SARA was launched only less than two years ago and has already 124,000 readers among its 40+ target group," Mäkinen continues.

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