Different kinds of online casual games – quizzes, puzzles, sudokus – have gained popularity in Finland. Over one billion Älypää ('Smarthead') games have been played so far. Älypää, acquired by SWelcom in 2007 is a producer of online quizzes available at www.alypaa.com.

Älypää players are from 15 to 80 years old and mainly women. Älypää games are typically played in the evening and weekends, and mostly at home.

"Älypää success is based on our solid knowledge of casual gaming and on the fact that we produce both the technical platforms as well as the content in-house," explains Sales Manager Antti Sipinen. "Outlook for online casual gaming at the moment is fairly good. Also companies and institutions have realised the potential of quizzes for information, marketing and entertainment purposes," Sipinen continues.

Älypää is part of SWelcom, the electronic media division of the SanomaWSOY Group. SWelcom's name will be Sanoma Entertainment as of 1 October 2008.