Story, a successful international magazine, is launched in Ukraine by Independent Media. Stars, beauty and fashion, the best attention winners all over the world, are the cornerstones of this new weekly magazine.

The first issue of the 9th international edition of Story will come to the market on February 13, 2007, together with women's magazines flagship Cosmopolitan, also published by Independent Media. Sample copies of Story will be presented to 40 000 Cosmopolitan readers. As from February 26, solo copies of Story are for sale.

Editor-in-chief of the new magazine is Eugenia Korotych.

Story's articles venture the world of celebrities, spotting trends and considering all angles of the star's professional and personal lives. Fashion and beauty features are an important part of the magazine's vibe, but it also covers special topics from plastic surgery to adoptions in the third world countries.

The first cover features Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as symbols of international glamour and modern spirit.

Story will come out every Monday . It is printed on glossy paper, offering the quality look that will distinguish the magazine from its nearest competitors in the market.

Independent Media is part of Sanoma Magazines.