SWelcom has launched the new online game portal Pelikone.fi, where users can play games for free and also publish their own games. The concept has been developed at SWelcom.

The service is SWelcom's first game portal. The development process took only four weeks, and the service was launched in August in Finland. Pelikone.fi has attracted approximately 30,000 visitors per week in its first two months.

The registered users can upload games they have made themselves as well as discuss games with other players. Pelikone.fi includes games for all tastes and interests.

The games are available for free, and the revenue model is based on media sales.

- With RSS feed, other portals can have Pelikone games in their own portals. For example Radio Rock has a "Game of the Week" on its site, explains Fernando Herrera, Games Business Manager.

- Games business is a fast developing field in electronic media. Games are not just for young boys, they are played in all age groups. Women in particular enjoy the entertaining games of Pelikone.fi. Pelikone and our other game services are constantly developed on the basis of the user feedback. We will launch new services soon, says Jessi Frey, Product Manager.

SWelcom is the electronic media division of the SanomaWSOY Group.