Sanoma Magazines Belgium, part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine division of SanomaWSOY, is acquiring a 50% share in TV production company Jok Foe NV.

Jok Foe NV, the successful TV production company, produces television programmes for Belgian broadcasters and content for different television channels. The company is fully owned by Belgian celebrity Goedele Liekens. In 2006, its net sales amounted to EUR 5.4 million.

Sanoma Magazines Belgium also intends to launch a personality magazine linked to Goedele Liekens. A women's magazine that 'goes further', bringing a mix of qualitative and in depth journalism in a female and emotional way.

Aimé Van Hecke, CEO of Sanoma Magazines Belgium, believes there is a future for Sanoma Magazines Belgium in both magazine publishing and new audiovisual media. "This participation offers possibilities for both segments. By launching the first personality magazine in Flanders, we innovate within our own magazine portfolio. By acquiring a 50% share in this dynamic TV production company, we are assured of expertise and production capacity in television. This is a perfect match between magazines and television," says Aimé Van Hecke.

Jok Foe NV is domiciled in Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium and employs five people.

Sanoma Magazines Belgium
Sanoma Magazines Belgium publishes the Dutch-language magazines evita, Feeling, Feeling Wonen, Flair, Glam*it, HUMO, Libelle, Libelle Lifestyle Magazine, Marie Claire Flemish edition, Milo, Story, TeVe-blad, and the French-language magazines Femmes d'Aujourd'hui, Flair, Gael, Gael Maison, Marie Claire Belgique, Télé Moustique, and Télé Pocket. The company also owns the internet sites ZappyBaby, Xquis, and Fitfixers. Sanoma Magazines Belgium employs over 500 people.

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Sanoma Magazines Belgium is part of Sanoma Magazines, one of the largest consumer magazine publishers in Europe. The company publishes more than 300 magazines in 13 different countries. Apart from developing its strong portfolio of magazine brands for various reader communities, Sanoma Magazines is expanding its business to other media platforms, with a clear focus on interactivity.