SanomaWSOY Corp. Press Release 9 Nov 2007 at 10:00

Sanoma Uitgevers, the biggest multimedia publisher of the Netherlands and part of Sanoma Magazines, the magazine division of the SanomaWSOY Group, will acquire the shares of the magazine publisher Mood for Magazines from Rozemarijn de Witte on 1 January 2008.  Mood for Magazines was established in 2003 by de Witte.

With this transaction Sanoma Uitgevers, which already owned a minority share in Mood for Magazines, will gain complete control of Mood for Magazines. This acquisition fits Sanoma Uitgevers' strategy to further reinforce its print and online business.

In the past years, Mood for Magazines has developed and marketed very successful titles like LINDA., LINDA.WONEN, LINDA.MAN (GULLIT. and MATTHIJS.) and La Vie en Rose, which is positioned in the top segment of the market, under the management of Rozemarijn de Witte and Business Director Jocelyn Brouwer.

Dick Molman, CEO of Sanoma Uitgevers comments:"As a minority shareholder we were already very happy with Mood for Magazines' successful titles and we now hope to increase that success even further. Mood for Magazines owes its success primarily to the quality of its people and its particular way of working. That is why we will not be changing anything in that respect."

Rozemarijn de Witte will remain active as general Editor-in-Chief for Mood for Magazines.  In 2006, net sales of Mood for Magazines were some EUR 13 million and the company employed 20 people.


Matti Salmi
Senior Vice President
Finance and Administration

Additional information:
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Sanoma Uitgevers, with more than 80 consumer magazines and well over 125 websites, is the largest multimedia publisher in the Netherlands. Sanoma Uitgevers is a business of Sanoma Magazines, one of the largest consumer magazine publishers in Europe. The company publishes more than 300 magazines in thirteen different countries. Apart from developing its strong portfolio of magazine brands for various reader communities, Sanoma Magazines is expanding its business to other media platforms, with a clear focus on interactivity. Sanoma Magazines is part of the SanomaWSOY Group, which operates in versatile fields of media in over 20 European countries.


Mood for Magazines publishes the very successful magazine titles LINDA., LINDA.WONEN, LINDA.MAN (GULLIT. and MATTHIJS.) and La Vie en Rose, which is positioned in the top segment. Rozemarijn de Witte established this company in 2003.