The first issue of Tya!, the latest women's magazine in Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria's portfolio, will be launched on April 14, 2007. The weekly magazine, that will cover all of today's issues in the life of Bulgarian women, will be launched with a print run of 40,000 copies and a price of BGN 1.60 (EUR 0.82).

Tya! provides its female readers with information and entertaining content that will help them live a life full of optimism and confidence. The new magazine targets women of active age, working, with a dynamical lifestyle, open and interested in culture, art, history, new books, cinema and different aspects of the social life as well.

It reveals real stories of people from Bulgaria and the rest of the world. Through the "Famous Couples" column, women will be able to get a glimpse of the life of Bulgarian celebrities who will tell about themselves. "Moments in the life of..." contains details about the lifestyle of favourite Bulgarians. TYA! includes columns about fashion, cosmetics, interior design, current and business information, psychology as well as a TV supplement, among others.

Vesselina Aleksieva, who used to run another magazine of Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria – The Woman's Journal, will be the Editor-In-Chief of Tya!. Vesselina's position in the magazine with highest circulation in Bulgaria will be taken by Daniela Nikolova, who has been a part of the team of The Woman's Journal for a long time.

Sanoma Bliasak Bulgaria is part of the SanomaWSOY Group's magazine division Sanoma Magazines.