Nelonen and Teosto, Finnish Composers' Copyright Society, made an agreement yesterday on use of music in Nelonen's TV broadcasts. New agreement includes also mobile television.

The new agreement is based on net sales. Previously the pricing was based on minutes played. The agreement includes both digital and analogical broadcasts.

"This supposedly long-term agreement is a positive overall settlement, because it gives us an opportunity to open up new distribution channels,"says Juha-Pekka Louhelainen, President of Nelonen Media.

According to Katri Sipilä, President of Teosto, this type of net sales agreement will reliably measure the benefits that the use of music offers. "If new business is created, music makers and producers will receive a reasonable compensation," Sipilä says.

Nelonen Media offers TV, radio, online, and mobile content in Finland. It is part SanomaWSOY's electronic media Division, SWelcom.