Malmberg, the Dutch educational publishers, acquired TSM Consultants in the Netherlands as of 1 June 2007 and has now a leading position in consultancy activities for primary, secondary and vocational education in the Netherlands.

TSM Consultants offer training and consultancy services in the field of didactics, pupil and teacher support, change management and education development. With this acquisition, Malmberg takes another step towards supporting children, youths and adults in their development.

TSM and their network have developed valuable products, tested both scientifically and in practice. Since TSM's consultants and trainers are in close contact with schools on a daily basis, Malmberg can now translate current school and pupil developments directly into new learning concepts.

The future lies in developing visions and learning concepts together with schools. Malmberg will now be able to advise schools in analysing and developing their vision and in its implementation through learning materials and courses. Malmberg will also help pupils to choose the right school or education for them and to develop their interests and competencies.

The Dutch educational officials pointed out in their Inspection Report 2006 that the most important focal points for secondary education in the Netherlands are improving pupil care, decreasing school drop-out rates and maximising talent development. With the addition of TSM Consultants, Malmberg's portfolio will tackle just these issues.

Malmberg is part of SanomaWSOY Education and Books, a division of the SanomaWSOY Group.